Tuition and Scholarships


Deposit: A $250 deposit is required upon acceptance into this Capstone Certificate Program. This will be applied to the student’s tuition.

UW Special Student Registration Fee: There is a one-time $65 registration fee for admission as a UW Special Student that is assessed Fall Semester only.

Tuition for this Capstone Certificate Program is based on the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health, Health Professions rate.

Wisconsin Resident Tuition: Tuition for each semester of the 2017-2018 academic year is as follows.

Wisconsin Resident Tuition:
$4077.80 (5 Credits per semester)
$4883.16 (6 Credits per semester)

This site contains complete information about UW-Madison tuition, including Non-Resident tuition rates and 2017-2018 rates:

All enrolled participants register for 5 credits for each of two semesters: Fall 2017 & Spring 2018.

Licensed Mental Health Professionals may enroll in an additional credit each semester.


Continuing Education Scholarships 

Applicants to this Capstone Certificate Program may be eligible to apply for a Continuing Education Scholarship. Each year the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS), through its office of Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS), awards scholarships and grants specifically designed for professionals who  are seeking opportunities to enhance their job skills.

Capstone Certificate Program Scholarships

To be considered for a Capstone Certificate Program Scholarship, applicants are to complete a Scholarship application as part of their application to this Capstone Certificate Program. We work individually with each applicant to assess what they may be eligible to receive.